Cineworks presents: “Back Down the Highway” – Our first ever short film contest!

December 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of Bruce McDonald’s “Highway 61”, Cineworks is excited to announce our new programming initiative “Back Down the Highway”.   Using this seminal Canadian film as an inspiration and jumping off point for the creation of new work, filmmakers will be challenged to realize an entirely original short film from a section of dialogue excerpted from this indie classic.   Judges will be looking for originality and distance from the source material, and the top five submissions will be selected for production.  Cineworks will supply each team with a week’s rental on the same package of production equipment as well as a week’s time in one of our edit suites to complete their projects.  In May 2012, the compilation of films will receive a theatrical presentation which will see each short shown back-to-back, followed by the original scene from “Highway 61” so that audiences can see from where we drew our inspiration.


1: I brought you some coffee if you’d like some coffee.  What do you think you’re doing?
2: I know what I’m doing!
1: Naturally you’re a little upset about this, Maybe you should just relax for a little bit, until you’re a little less bereaved.
2: I thought you had to go to work.
1: I do.  Why don’t you stay here today and I’ll drive you home tonight, there’s no hurry.  I met a friend of Jeffrey’s last night
2: A friend?
1: Yeah, kind of a weird guy, he’s going to come by this morning
2: There is a hurry, I’m going now

Download the complete rules and regulations here.


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